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Companies often rely on multiple platforms and integrations to establish a great marketing and sales process. Using Showpad to create the best buyer experience, it can be a timesaver to pass on specific information to your other marketing and sales platforms. Creating automated workflows saves time for sales and marketing teams by allowing them to stay in the same application. Showpad offers a way to automate specific actions related to sharing activity: webhooks.

A webhook allows you to receive a notification when an event that has occurred on the Showpad platform. Showpad sends a webhook notification containing a JSON payload in the body that describes to your webhook subscription endpoint. Once your endpoint receives the information, it can then execute a programmed action, such as:

  • Logging share information to a CRM platform
  • Adding custom objects to marketing automation platforms
  • Posting messages on an internal communication platform

These are just a few examples. Through webhooks, you can build event-based and custom-built integrations for your organization. The possibilities are endless, you're in the designer seat of creating your perfect automation process.

Key features

  • Save time for sales and marketing teams by creating automated workflows
  • Prevent sales and marketing from jumping between applications
  • Provide a more complete sales and marketing infrastructure
  • Automate actions and connect multiple integral platforms
  • Execute predefined actions when events occur in Showpad
  • Create webhooks for shared, viewed, reshared content, created Shared Spaces, user added to a Shared Space, and a course that has been completed.
  • Enterprise subscription to Showpad
  • Administrator access to Showpad's Online Platform


Events are generated when a specific action happens in Showpad. The Payload Reference describes all of the events available for subscription in the Schemas section.


Showpad initiates a request to a specified endpoint and waits for a response:

Response CodeShowpad Action
2xx HTPP response codeThe notification was successful.
4xx HTPP response codeThe notification will be deemed unsuccessful, but no further attempts will be made.
5xx HTPP response codeThe notification will be considered unsuccessful and a retry will be attempted. A maximum of three retries will be sent according to the following schedule:

1st retry3 seconds
2nd retry7.5 seconds
3rd retry14.25 seconds